Guide to Floating the River for the First Time

The common school of thought out there is that you need to know what you know. Well, my are of knowledge is floating. The spring and summer season is here, and this often suggests one thing for most if not all people. It is the perfect time to spend time outdoors, such as floating on the water. We’ve been practicing this type of activity since we freshman year, thereby enhancing our skill levels. Even the exact details may vary, I thought it would be positive to share my experience, and the competence I’ve acquired over the years.

Before we can start, it might be beneficial to determine the genuine meaning of `floating the river`. No! I am not referring to class 5 rapids, kayaking gear, and a crazy boat. On the contrary, I am referring the large tubes, beer coolers and more.

Bring This

Although the items you carry often vary from time to time, some few items are largely considered as essential. I’ll put in my level best to outline all these items and any challenges associated with their use.


Similar to any event, it’s crucial that you dress to suit the occasion. Naturally, since the use of water is common, you need to ensure that you dress as if you were going to spend time at the beach or a fun locale. That said, for the ladies, there are some instances where floating provides a more immersive experience than just laying on the beach. As a result, this points out the fact that any skimpy swim clothing held by a small bow might fall off. That said, don’t take it wrong. A skimpy look is useful, but going for a reliable look is equally crucial. In fact, I am aware that some ladies love the attention that comes up when their clothes fall off accidentally, and those women are free to disregard my advice.

More so, another critical aspect to consider relates to the footwear. Personally, I feel that open shoes or flip flops are perfect for the beach because they are simple to put on and off. Nevertheless, ensure that you choose the appropriate flip-flops to suit your traction needs, especially when you are wet from the water.

Food, Drinks, and Snacks

On floating the river trip, it is crucial to invest in sustenance. In this case, this refers to taking with you any beverage that will suit your trip. Most people prefer beer, light sodas or even energy drinks. However, there is one notable faux pas that relates to beer, and this is the use of glass containers. I keep on getting shocked by the fact that beach lovers still use glass containers when visiting the beach. Glass products and the beach are not a good mix, and this might lead to various challenges.

A much better option would be the use of cans. However, I have determined that using Coors Light Plastic bottles is the best approach. In fact, when you are moving through any rough sections of water, you can easily recap the beverage and travel safely through the rapids, and without spilling your precious beverage.

Also, you might require a unique solution for ensuring that your beverages stay at the right temperature. As such, you might have to use ice to ensure that the ice stays cold, and so does your beverage. Many people often go to the shop to purchase coolers, only to forget the wise. That might be a serious move, especially since its summer. Worse is that some people for as far as purchasing Styrofoam coolers. These types are not used because they are prone to breaking.

If you like munching on a snack every once in a while, consider carrying packed food or a healthy snack as well. Prepare your meals ahead of time to ensure that you never compromise your nutritional needs.


On any outdoor trips that involve the water, ensure that you come with a device that helps you document the experience. For many users, this also means that you might have to purchase a camera that has waterproof features. Of course, the camera should also come with a powerful lens and various other useful additional photography features. The camera should also feature a compact design, to make simple to store and tag around as you move outdoors.

Safety & Necessities

Since you will be spending most of the time outdoors, it’s essential to keep your skin safe from the intense UV light. A good suggestion would be to use the appropriate type of sunscreen lotion. In some instances, you might also want to tag your wallet along. This might make various procedures such as the tube renting a simple procedure. Furthermore, some tube rental destinations only accept cash modes of payment. Finally, ensure that you don’t come with anything that you want to protect from water exposure. If you have to, ensure that you come with a waterproof bag or be prepared for challenges. At all costs, avoid coming with items such as the keys to water- they don’t even float.


Music can be a great addition to your outdoor regimen. However, it’s vital that you choose a media player that comes with appropriate sound performance features. There are various types of portable players available today. Choose one that has a powerful battery, loudspeaker and waterproof features as well. Also, consider choosing a music player that comes with a remote control for convenient operation.


There is nothing better than when you can spend time outdoors with your close acquaintances. Choose a group of two to three people to tag along on your trip. Remember tagging a large group is often challenging and might compromise the entire experience.

Where to Stay

Accommodation is also another equally important aspect of `floating the river.` Regardless of where you seek accommodation, it’s important to prepare early enough. In this way, you can ensure that the time you spend outdoors is exceptional minus the hassles associated with last minute preparations. Besides that, choose a location that is in line with your budget and one that suits your accessibility needs.


For those who are camping, you might have a slight differently checklist to consider when going outdoors. Broadly speaking, there are various resources available for camping purposes. Camping is an excellent choice for how to float the river, in that it allows you to gain access to the river conveniently. More so, it also provides an affordable option as when compared to spending nights in expensive lodges and cottages.

The central aspect of enjoying your camping experience is to choose the appropriate spot. Consider various factors such as safety, convenience, accessibility and more. This will go a long way in making your camping experience exceptional, and you can even decide to pop one beer open once you set up the campsite.


Despite the fact that investing in a hotel is associated with various costs, you will be gaining access to various convenient resources. Some of these resources include a shower, plumbing air conditioning, clean bedding and more. In other words, a hotel provides you with a homely experience, to give you the peace of mind required to make the most of your outdoor adventures.
The only hassle associated with investing in hotels is that the location is often at a fixed point, and this might sometimes work against us. This is especially true if you have to trek along trails and explore various locations.

Wrapping it Up

Taken together, spending time outdoors, especially on the water is a great way to enjoy leisure time. Your time outdoors can be taken to the next level, if you are well informed about your outdoors experience. Equipped with the appropriate accessories and information, you won’t encounter any hassles when you enjoy your time floating. The information in this list is useful suggestions for you to consider.